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Car wheel dynamic balancing machine works

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's auto industry and the improvement of the level of automotive technology, the speed of cars can be higher and higher, and the impact of wheel imbalance on car safety performance is also growing. The magnitude and direction of the unbalanced force generated by the wheel imbalance are constantly changing. First, the whole vehicle has a tendency to jump up and down, causing vertical vibration, which affects the stability of the car. Second, it causes the steering wheel to oscillate laterally, which affects the stability of the vehicle. Sex and driving safety. More serious, it will also cause impact and wear on tires, steering and transmission components, and shorten the service life. Therefore, after using the car for a period of time, it is necessary to check the dynamic balance of the wheel.

Wheel static balance is an ideal state that requires the wheel centroid to coincide with its geometry and center of rotation. The simple test method is: support the wheel, adjust the axle to the level, adjust the tightness of the wheel bearing, gently turn the wheel with your hand, and wait for it to stop naturally. At this time, mark the lowest point of the wheel off the ground. Repeat the test multiple times. If the lowest point is from the ground, the static imbalance of the wheel is proved. If the natural stop position is different for each test, the wheel is shown to be statically balanced.


In real life, both the newly manufactured and the used wheels have wheel static imbalance and dynamic imbalance problem, which requires the use of wheel dynamic balancing machine to test the wheel imbalance quality and phase, and the wheel The amount of imbalance at the imbalance point is calibrated.

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