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Do you know what to watch out for when using Wheel balancer?

         Do you know what to watch out for when using Wheel balancer?What does she do?

         Take care to remove dirt, stones and old counterweights from the wheels under test.Check the tire pressure, fill to the specified value as necessary, choose the cone according to the size of the rim center hole, carefully install the wheel, tighten with the large pitch nut.Turn on the Wheel balancer power switch, check whether the indicator and control panel are correctly indicated, and measure the rim width with a caliper.

         Drop the Wheel guard, press the start button, Wheel rotation, Wheel balancer test began, automatic data collection.When the wheels stop automatically or after hearing the sound of "DI", press the stop button and operate the brake device to stop the wheels, read the inside and outside unbalance positions of the wheels from the indicating device.

         Lift the wheel guard and turn the wheel slowly with your hands.When the indicating device gives an indication (sound, indicator light on, brake, display dot matrix or display test data, etc.), stop rotation.On the inside or outside of the rim of the upper (12 o 'clock position of the clock) to install an indicator device to display the side of the balance mass.The inside and the outside should be used separately, and the balance pieces should be fixed firmly.

        After installing the balance block, there may be a new imbalance. The balance training will be carried out until the unbalance <5g(0.3oz) and the indicator displays "00" or "ok".When the unbalance difference is about 10g, if the balance block can be moved forward and backward along the rim edge at a certain Angle, a satisfactory effect will be achieved.Practical experience, the faster the balance speed.

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