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GATMATIC 5D Truck wheel aligner

GATMATIC 5D Truck wheel aligner

Advantages----monitor 8 wheels simultaneously, and finish the adjustment at a time.

Exclusively for truck and bus:

5D technology overcomes all disadvantages of 2D technology, such as mismeasurement、low precision、human factors , which are caused by following


【1】Original errors caused by wheel rim deformation cannot be eliminate compensation;

【2】Errors caused by wheel clamp deformation can not be eliminated;

【3】Precision of truck should be higher than that of cars, but 2D technology makes it lower;

【4】Different measurement results caused by different operational approaches and strength.

5D technology adopts anti-shake measurement technology. It can eliminate time errors caused by car body shake within 20 seconds, improving labor efficiency. Meanwhile, it avoids problems caused by wireless and high-frequency interference. It can be used at any indoor places.

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