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How to Choose Car Lift

Car Maintenance Industry is developing very fast. Car Lift is necessity to almost every workshop. How to choose a proper car lift?

First, safety is the first factor to consider.

The lift must have a fuse system to prevent accidents such as sudden breakage of the wire rope and slipping. For example, there are safety protection systems such as rising self-locking, fast power-off, motor overload, lifting height and the like.  

Second, choose the right lift based on your purpose. For example, for wheel alignment.

Based on different purpose, there are three big kinds of car lift:

Tow Post Lift: widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as passenger car.

Four Post Lift: The main feature of four post lift is that the limit switch will automatically cut off when the lift rises to the maximum lift height, and automatically cut off the hydraulic circuit in the hydraulic pump.


  Scissor Lift: Scissor lifts are generally hidden underground, saving space and being efficient.

Third, choose lifting tonnage of lifts:

Small car: 3.5t or 4t

Truck or others: 5.5t or more

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