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New AC service machine for 1234yf

Good News!!!

The GATMATIC AC service machine for 1234yf came out.

GM-710-YF and GM-710A-YF

Features Easy, Reliable, Stable, Durable
Controlled entirely by solenoid valve, avoid human mistake.
Compatible with R1234YF and R134A refrigerant (not means two refrigerant can be used in the same time)
Self-diagnosis and protection technology
Patented module design and manufacture.

Function Recovery, Vacuum, Recharge
Recovery, purify and regenerate.
Old frozen oil and impurity separate, discharge(automatic)
Timed vacuum.
Add the new frozen oil quantitatively. (automatic)
Add the refrigerant quantitatively.
Discharge the non-compressed gas automatically.
With auxiliary port.
Full-automatically operation
With printer.
Huge car database
Multiple auxiliary function, different model will have different function


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