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The benefits of four-wheel positioning after the vehicle and the consequences of inaccurate four wheel positioning

After four-wheel positioning, the vehicle will have the following improvements:

1. Increase the safety of driving.

2. Reduce abnormal wear of the tire.

3. Keep the steering wheel straight while keeping straight, and maintain straight-line driving.

4. After steering, the steering wheel will be automatically corrected.

5. Increase the sense of control of driving.

6. Reduce the abnormal consumption of fuel consumption.

7. Reduce the wear and tear of the suspension components.

What is the consequence of inaccurate four-wheel alignment?

1. Excessive wear of the tires: Inaccurate four-wheel positioning parameters can cause the tires to be eccentric and cause the risk of puncture.

2. The vehicle is not easy to drive: the steering wheel shivering and the deviation will make you feel more tired when driving, and increase the probability of traffic accidents.

3. Increased fuel consumption: If there is no special situation and the fuel consumption increases, it may be that the four-wheel positioning parameters of the vehicle are not accurate.

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