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The function and working principle of Wheel balancer

        The function and working principle of Wheel balancer.The unbalance of wheels will make the vehicle vibrate when driving at high speed, reduce the adhesion force of the vehicle, and deteriorate the handling stability.Damage shock absorber and steering, suspension system parts.Wheel balancer was developed to eliminate Wheel movement or reduce it to a permissible level, avoiding its adverse effects and damage.The role of Wheel balancer is to detect and eliminate the imbalance of tires, so as to maintain the normal and safe driving of the car.The type of wheel balancing machine can be divided into off-board balancing machine and on-board balancing machine according to the measuring method.

       Off-wheel balancer works according to the principle of dynamic balance. In the automobile repair and maintenance work, because the wheels have been removed from the axle, the balance detection department is carried out on the off-wheel balancer.Different from the static balance, the dynamic balance regards the tire as a cycloidal body with a finite width b, as shown in figure 1. It is assumed that the unbalanced mass m is m1 and m2 respectively, and the two parts are concentrated at the edge of the rim. The two planes are called the alignment front, and two centrifugal forces are formed when rotating.

       Diagram in F1 and F2 for the two centrifugal force sensor plane projection, when F1 F2, but the phase is not at the same time, the formation of unbalanced force not only, but also form the unbalanced moment, and dynamic balancing machine set to both A and B are perpendicular to the sensor to collect the counterforce and f, establish A system of dynamic and static balance type, to calculate the F1 and F2 to calculate unbalance mass m1 and m2.

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