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The tyre changer is one of the essential equipment for car maintenance

        The tyre changer is one of the essential equipment for car maintenance.There are some tricks that can make it easier for us to remove and assemble tires.

        Tire rubber is good but soft and thin tires, pneumatic shovel tire skidding, you can micro-lift the effort to move the control pedal, at the same time to push the tire, confirm the shovel and tire contact, and then use your legs or hands to prevent the tire back, pedal control again, so easy to shovel under the tire.

        Long time use of tires, tires for a long time by air pressure, tire friction with the ground heat, resulting in tires and ring adhesion.When air shovel is very difficult to shovel, can first wash cleanser essence and water melt together, with a small brush in tire lip and steel ring place more brush some solution, wait for the solution into the tire lip and steel ring hole, and then use the air shovel to shovel the tire.



        For hard tyre, it is better to choose the car spring steel plate and use the extended crowbar to pry the tyre with the bird head when using the tyre changer.When the tire is on, press the tire belly with both hands, about 200mm when the gap is at the most tight place, press the tire belly with right elbow, at the same time, with the left hand, push the tire clockwise, can prevent the motor and triangle belt slipping, but also can protect the motor.

        The way of the tyre changer, first remove the tyre balance weight , do not damage the rim of the hub, so that the claw can properly clamp and lift the wheel.Always check hub clamping during hub clamping and tire replacement operations.The clamping of the wheel hub is completed by the hydraulic device. The clamping depends on the structural design of the wheel hub, which is divided into clamping from the inner cavity and clamping from the outer ring.

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