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Upgrade of AC Machine

Upgrade of AC Machine

1. Cabinet is increased by 16cm, more user's friendly

2. Condenser is bigger, recovery will be faster.

3. Compressor is better and bigger. The old one's displacement is 8cc, while the new one is 11.5cc.

4. Two fans are installed, increase the lift-time of spare parts.

5. Machine will automatically release main tank’s pressure every 10 times.

6. One connector will be added, with which outside tank can be downward while running recovery function.

7. Comparison table between temperature and main tank’s is stuck on the machine.

8. Dry filter warning: After dealing with 250kg refrigerant, the machine will warn that dry filter has 6 times left while turning on the machine. Till to 0 time left, recovery function cannot be used. So you need to change the dry filter.

9. There is a rear door. It can be opened, and it is good for heat dissipation.

10. The most important one is that The Price is same as before!!!

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