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Use of car lifts

The aluminum alloy car lift is a brand new design of the new product. The whole is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profile, the deflection and swing of the lift are extremely small. It adopts double-column structure, large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation. Its light appearance allows it to perform at its highest lift capacity in a very small space. The lift is widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc. It can be used for high-altitude operations such as installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, and elevated pipelines, and single-person work such as high-altitude cleaning.

Car-mounted lifts, battery-operated lifts, self-propelled lifts, lifting heights ranging from 4 to 18 meters. The load capacity of this series is 0.1 to 0.8 tons, and can also be customized according to user requirements. The maximum load can reach 10 tons. Vertically transportable equipment can be used in logistics systems such as factories or automated warehouses. The elevators are often equipped with various flat conveying equipment as connecting devices for different height conveyor lines. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a hydraulic lift. In addition to being transported at different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations.


The characteristics of free lift of elevators have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation of docks and logistics centers, building decoration, etc. The chassis of the car, the chassis of the battery car can be freely walked, the working height space is also changed, and the weight is light and self-propelled. Electric start, self-supporting leg, simple operation, large working surface, especially the ability to perform 360-degree free rotation such as working at heights across obstacles.

Recently, the lift products have been changed to diesel and electric dual-purpose rotary lifts. The battery-mounted aerial work platform lifts have been developed and produced. It is characterized by the use of battery drives, battery lifts, and stepless shifting to make the user's aerial work safer and more secure. Convenient, low noise

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