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Why wheel alignment is so important

Wheel alignment differs in that it involves an adjustment of the angle of the vehicle’s wheels. This is normally done based on the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. A wheel alignment usually includes a tire tread check along with the three basic components for measuring wheel orientation, involving the toe, camber and caster. Wheel alignments are generally recommended if the vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side, if it has been involved in an accident, or during annual inspections. Since vehicle use will differ among drivers, there is no specific mileage or designated timeline for wheel alignments. For these reasons, the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as those of your automotive facility are likely to be the best sources of advice concerning alignments.

Wheel alignments and wheel balancing are important for reasons that include the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle, including requirements for control in difficult road, weather and driving conditions, as well as to ensure that you benefit from the longest use of your tires.

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