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AC service machine GM-710YF

Features  Easy, Reliable, Stable, Durable Controlled entirely by solenoid valve, avoid human mistake. Compatible with R1234YF and R134A refrigerant (not means two refrigerant can be used in the same time)

GI610 Pro Injector Cleaner

1.Can test and clean GDI, FSI, SIDI, MPI, SPFI, CFI, LPG, Motorbike-injector, Including high or low resistance injector.
2. Strength of ultrasonic cleaning technology, cleaning ability.
3. Use the electronic voltage regulator control technology, hydraulic stability, wide adjustable range.
4. Using high-definition digital tube display, the operation is clear, easy to learn.
5. Tank liquid level visual display, test agent can be recycled.
6. Background light LED bright, clear view of nozzle work situations
7. Patents and applicable to a variety of models of replaceable compound accidentally.
8. Within the scope allowed adjustment can be arbitrary adjust the nozzle test time.
Working frequency. The number of injection. The shortest switch pulse width and so on.