Products: elevator for garage storage


GA 700S 5D wheel aligner

1, With 5 cameras, Run- Out- Compensation( ROC) on the ground Lifting adjustment.
2, Without limitation of space, work with all kind of 2 post lift, Floor plate or Clear floor model.(Install on the top of the car)
3, Support varied operation platforms, point to point transmission by WIFI can shield interference
4, Connect to alignment machine by Wi- Fi, download alignment APP on Google play store
5, Four targets are crash resistant and can be exchanged
6, Measurement range is wide and it can test wheel deviation besides all traditional parameters.

AC service machine GM-710YF

Features  Easy, Reliable, Stable, Durable Controlled entirely by solenoid valve, avoid human mistake. Compatible with R1234YF and R134A refrigerant (not means two refrigerant can be used in the same time)